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Hello, I am new to Envato Theme Forest, I meant to buy a specific theme, but I accidentally misclicked on the theme above it, “ComRepair” by “BrothersTheme”. I have contacted the author multiple times over weeks, but have gotten no response. I read the FAQ on Envato, and I understand that Envato does not offer refunds for misclicks. I have not used this theme, I have not given this theme code to anyone, I don’t want it. I just need a refund. I have already read Envato’s formal refund policy, I don’t need that linked or repeated to me. Where I am from, if I see someone in the mud, I will help them out. How do I move forward with this ticket, and get my money back? If this is not the right forum, please assist me to find the correct forum, thank you. I have reached out for help in 5 different ways, and not one person has helped me. Thank you!

I would assume that sadly you won’t be able to get a refund because it is a digital item you presumably have downloaded. This page may help:

Hello @idealpcrepair

Here in these forums, where we discuss general aspects, we can’t help with specific items, with account isssues, with payments issues, because we don’t have access to this type of information.

For refund requests, please have a look at this short and helpful post:, where you’ll find the steps to follow in case of a refund request.

A more in depth guide about how refunding works you’ll find here:

Please follow the steps described there. Opening multiple posts in the forums about this will not help too much, as explained above.

Thank you!

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If this is not the correct forum, please link me to the correct forum that does deal with specific issues. Could I speak with a senior advisor on this issue? What are the steps to authenticate me as an average user, not a scammer? What is the phone number to a human being who corrects these situations? Who can I talk to who can answer these questions, thank you.

Hi @idealpcrepair,

Please open a Help ticket at the following link - they will be able to help you sort this out: