Help with Pricing Table formatting?

I’m using Incubator theme, and I trying to use the Pricing Table component. I have a couple of problems, related to the currency formatting.

First of all a little slightly annoying bug: the currency selection is not restored when you open the edit dialog, it will always reset to Dollar unless explicitly changed each time.

Secondly: in Europe, we are using the € sign after the monetary value (while $ sign is placed before). This does not seem to be supported.

Suggestion: I think a good quick simple fix would be to allow an empty currency string in the form, which allows people to write any string in the value field.

Or do you have other suggestions or hints?

Thanks in advance,

Hello Kristian!

I’m with the Incubator team ( and here to assist you. If you’re having trouble editing the pricing table element, please open a support ticket here:

Have a great day!