Help with pricing a plugin.

Realty Interface plugin allows the user to make large estate/luxury property one page websites that include images, videos, floor plan generator, location map and 3D tours.
I need help on pricing this. I have read articles but still having difficulty.

Thank you!

It’s against the forum rules to provide advice or suggestions on pricing… any decisions regarding pricing need to be made by yourself.

Okay, can the Envato team help? It says they have a live chat but it’s not there.

It’s unlikely, as the final decision is yours to make. Your best bet would be to see what else is available CodeCanyon/Themeforest, compare them (and their sales numbers) to your item with regards to quality and functionality… and come to your own decision on what price would work best. Keep in mind that you don’t have to stick with the price you choose for good, so you can always adjust it up or down moving forward.

Thank you so much for writing. Based on our plugin’s description, would I be looking for website generator, real estate websites, etc?