Help with php contact form code for [removed] cc item ninja kick contact form


I purchased the Ninja Kick contact form via cc item number: 7517321 but the provided php code (link) doesn’t work.
Since then the script got removed from codecanyon and the author isnt able to support it no more,

I configured everything correctly but do not have enought knowledge of php to make it working,
I get this error: ‘Something went wrong while sending your message’

Since then the script is freely available on the author’s own site: (link)

Is anyone able to help me out on this?


your best solution is to contact envato support, here


Tried, they said to contact author and since author removed the item they cannot do anything they said.

try contacting the author in their site and tell them you purchased the file at CC…

did that too, he replied ‘Sorry we don’t support this old plugin and removed it from CC’