Help with Phienix Powerpoint Presentation<SOLVED>

Hi. Total newbie at this so apologies in advance if I am asking in the wrong place or its just a dumb question.

I’ve downloaded and registered a licence for the Phienix Powerpoint Presentation template. I have begun editing the presentation to match our company colour scheme, branding etc. However at the bottom of several slides is a gold bar with text that says: WWW.YOURCOMPANY.COM on the left side and has a “PHIENIX” logo on the right side. This Gold Bar is not selectable and so not editable. All other fields in the template are editable. I obviously can’t use the presentation with the above issues unresolved.
I assume this can be edited somehow, but I just can’t see where. Any ideas?
How do you contact the developer of the presentation direct?
Screen shot below for reference


I eventually was able to solve this myself by discovering the “SLIDE MASTER” function in the Powerpoint ribbon at “VIEW”