Help with my theme!


I couldn’t find anywhere to ask this question but I am very disappointed in what I have received so far.

I purchased a theme: SM Lovefashion Magento

I installed the theme on my site and it didn’t look right, files missing etc.

I did a full reinstall of my site using the quickstart which worked, but the theme still didn’t look right.

I contacted support (magentech) using the details I was given in my receipt and then this morning I recieved an email telling me I owe them $35 for installing magento - so they deleted my install and reinstalled it, even though I had followed their instructions perfectly.

In the end I paid the $35 to get them out of the way and they finally gave me my login details for the site (which they were holding hostage until after payment).

the site looks nothing like the theme, main boxes missing and css obviously not working correctly, obviously issues with it, they are now ignoring my support requests. admin page also doesn’t work.

can you please advise where i can get assistance or advise me where to make an official complaint?


Please open Help ticket and let them know. They will be happy to check it for you.