Help with my new track

Hello guys, My name is Roy.
I recently came back to upload new stuff on AJ and I sent 8 tracks but only 4 have been accepted.
Can you help me please with my new piece and let me know your opinion. If you think any problem somewhere.

Here is the link:

Thank you all!

Your opinions will be much appreciated!

Very nice ideas here! :slight_smile: I love your pianos. I found in your piece a little lack of basses and rhythmic support. The percussion sounds powerful but seems a little bit inconsistent… alone… and trying to stay but a little bit lost.
I think the piano does all job and it’s too much, I think this piece need more balance between roles. Also, in my opinion you need to add some extra rhythmic instruments, like violas and violin staccatos balanced (R/L) in different voices and tones (3…,5… etc)… I’m sure this could help… I can imagine some fragments with this and can work… The final a little bit abrupt… but I think it’s not too serious.
It’s only my opinion, hope this can nelp. :slight_smile: good luck!

PD: your Knight Of Shadows is really great! wow!