Help with My hard rejected Logo Template..

Can you help me please?
I need your feedback on my hard rejected logo template, I need your valuable opinion about it.

view it here:

If i were you, i’d separate the text from the symbol. The concept is good here and would work better as a stand alone symbol. Also the font type doesn’t fit with the logo.

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thank you BlinVarfi, Can you please suggest any font type that you think it would fit with this symbol?

Hi, i can’t see your logo the link is work or not

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Hi GooD_Theme
this is the link, it is still working, thanks for willing to help
thanks again

it’s not want to work with me I don’t know what is the problem. I am sorry

hi, for me the concept is cool and the logo is nice, but your preview colors are not well chosen and this hurts the feeing that people have when they have a look at your work

no problem GooD_Theme, thank you anyway :wink:

Hello n2n44

thank you for your feedback, you may be right, then I’ll work on it again and try to find some better and eye pleasing colors :stuck_out_tongue: