Help with Karma theme for my new bbpress forum

First,let me say I am a new forum member here. I need help with the Karma theme and tries to register via envato and it gave me an error telling me only customers could sign up. I am new to my present employer and our website that I now manage via wordpress was setup by a hired developer many years ago so I have none of that information to get access to Karma specific help. So, here I am.

We are using Karma 3.0.3. I just installed the most current versions of both bbPress and BuddyPress to create a forum with PM capabilities. All is working great and I am using the left sidebar to display my login fields via a custom sidebar. Everything displays perfectly on all pages of the forum EXCEPT new topics created by participants. The placeholder is there, just no sidebar info at all. I can go into the topic after it is created and choose the custom sidebar from the page options and it will them display, but I need new topics to automatically display the sidebar as do all other pages.

The page I am using as by bbpress.php page is “template_leftsidebar_horizontalnav.php”. I followed the instructions of forum members on both bbpress and BuddyPress and they have advised everything is setup correctly and that this is a problem with my theme and to contact them, so here I am.

Can anyone offer advice on how to try and solve this, or if this isn’t the place, where I should go for help? Remember, tried Karma help but got rejected access because my username/email is not the one that purchased our theme many moons ago and I do not have that information.


No one…?

If I need to be looking for support elsewhere please feel free to redirect me. This is new turf for me.

Thanks in advance for any advice/direction you can offer.

Still nothing? If i am asking a “bad” question or this isn’t the place for it, I appreciate any direction on where I should go. I’m new here and quite lost.

Thanks in advance for any direction you may offer.