Help with Hard Rejection. What's wrong with my design?


Hello folks! My project has been hard rejected. I think this is a good and interesting project, what is your opinion? I see a lot of projects approved by reviewers and are very similar-looking to other projects and non unique, often not very functional in my opinion, so i’m wondering why my project has been rejected?

Below is my Rejected Bussines Card. Can someone help me here?


I think its because of typography and design.


Thank you for your answer. In my opinion typography is good: classic and clear, based on the Poppins Font Family, which is almost as good as Futura. I know that is not “future” font, but is still good and chosen for projects by best design studios on the world, and I think that many people choose that font as their company font :slight_smile:


Vincent Vega :smiley: love this movie


Maybe reviewer don’t :smiley: