Help with hard rejection on sound effects

Hi. We just received a hard rejection for our Finger click sound pack, but we don’t understand why. From what we can see we’ve kept all the rules. Can someone help us understand why it may have been rejected. Thanks in advance.

Here is the info we sent with the file:

Fingers clicking sound pack

Sound of fingers clicking. 10 sounds in total.

Finger click 01 - 0:01
Finger click 02 - 0:01
Finger click 03 - 0:01
Finger click 04 - 0:01
Finger click 05 - 0:01
Finger click 06 - 0:01
Finger click 07 - 0:01
Finger click 08 - 0:01
Finger click 09 - 0:01
Finger click 10 - 0:01

bone, break, button, click, finger, game, hand, hands, hit, human, interaction, interface, limbs, mouse, natural, off, on, plop, pop, snap, snapping, thumb

link to our sound

first of all its Snap not click.
I hear some bad low frequencies to them. and bad sounding quality, not mastered

Thanks. Got it. Will fix it. :slight_smile:

Some of the keywords do not relate to the sound, I didn’t hear "bone, break, button, interface, mouse, plop, pop,

Thanks Dreamkid. :slight_smile:

You’re welcome, good luck

I agree with Pandocrator. The reason for rejection seems that most of sounds are overblown with subwave. You can try to filter it out, but better to re-record it using low-cut filter on mic and good wind-protection and optimal distance.