Help with hard rejected logo

Hi, I got hard rejection for this logo. Do anyone know why?
If the reviewer will tell what is wrong will be easier, but he don’t.

hi for me this is a really good work illustration wise, though there is a bit ti say as regard to the typo … not only are u using a rather flat font but in addition you are also failing to combine fonts … u need to bring originality to the table typo wise and to combine fonts so that the text part is more outstanding , too
in addition, i believe that u also have a small issue of spacing for the vertical version as this is a bit too far from the illustration , when it should, according to me, imbricate more …
last thing , pls avoid the previews lacking too much of contrast indeed … this is rather decreasing the attractively of the good work that u have done, also by making texts more difficult to read …

Thank you a lot n2n44! I will adjust as you say and submit again.

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good work and good luck buddy (u have a very good base to work with) , if u feel like i could help u u can check the “solution” box if u want :slight_smile:

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I would have done that earlier but I don’t noticed about that button. Now it is done.
Thank again and good luck to you too!