Help with firebase

Hi there I just bought a script on code canyon and went great (first purchase ever). Now I have an issue with firebase integration, I have a firebase account but I can’t get people signed up in my site, this is whats happening:

I’m working on a VPS and got a (external) domain working on it. On My firebase project I added the VPS ip on the white list (OAuth), and also the url to the white list (I’m only using the Authentication feature). When I enter the site with ip ( I can create new users and login but when I enter with URL I can’t.

My site is going to be adult oriented, my URL is (link removed), It is possible that url isn’t white listed at all because of the world “sex” “sexy”?

Hope someone can help me with this. I want to release the site soon but that is stopping me right now.

are you using legacy firebase or the google console upgraded firebase?

Google firebase, the authentication feature nothing else.

how many concurrent users accessing the database? Is your configuration correct? I don’t know your project structure, but do you have a a constants file where you reference your firebase and Google creds? there a way to directly message me the site? I don’t judge.