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Please guys I have a problem and I wonder if anyone can help me … I have zero knowledge about programming. So please explain in details …

I have problem with the “Featured Products” at the bottom of the site Your Dental Supply … How can I change the “Featured Products” appeared there … they are the same since the site was first published …

My theme is the mearishop and I’m using WP … I would really appreciate it if you can help or at least if you can direct me to anyone who can help …

I think for this you use WooCommerce shortcodes. Go to Pages -> write in search ( Featured Products ), also probably this page with “featured” is Homepage. And here change IDs or SKU products with new products. . Good Luck .
If you can not handle I recommend a wordpress expert from Envato Studio.

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I am the owner and webmaster of the website which was using an old version of the same Mearishop wordpress theme you are using on your website

This Mearishop theme has apparently been discontinued ( see ) and I hadn’t downloaded the last version of the theme (version 1.5 from 31/01/2015 I believe)

My website has been hacked and my theme folder has been compromised, so I was wondering if you have kept a copy of the last Mearishop theme somewhere that you could send to me ?
That way I could customize it again and upgrade it to make it work with the latest wordpress version on my website that I am rebuilding.
(the only copy of the Mearishop theme I have was the one of 20/08/2013 compatible with wordpress 3.6, so there are many things which have changed in the meantime and making it compatible with the last wordpress version would be quite complicated).

So that you know this is not some sort of spam, the facebook page of our website is and don’t hesitate to contact me by email at

If you have a webmaster, would you be so kind and transfer this email to him, that would help me so much !

Many thanks for your help in advance,
Best regards,