Help with editorial design for an insurance Book

Hi, I have this new project for an insurance company, they gave me a very large PDF, and want to transform it to a book.
I started building in Indesign, but editorial design is something that I have only learned at University, so I dont want to mess up, but the learning process is time consuming. And I have a very short deadline. Can you please give me tips and advices regarding the editorial layout, typography, margins for printing, well almost everything :S

Any help that I can have will be great!

Thank you :slight_smile:

Hi KeepDreaming

OK, some typical hints for you.

It depends on your brief but keep typography ‘easy to read’ remember insurance is not a gripping thriller;) (should know as once worked in it) so I would use a slightly larger font not the typical 10px say 12-14px. Try1.5 line spacing but keep good distance between paragraphs - gain it’s not a thriller :). Again fonts try to avoid Serif go Sans Serif - may sound silly but you may not go wrong with Roboto - people used to that via Google :slight_smile: so familiarity may help ‘soften’ the subject and draw readers in.

Margins difficult as depends on the book layout but go for 70-90 ‘ish’ chars per line - think typical html email - keep the lines shorter and do not crowd the page.

When I say not a thriller the layout can make this type of book more readable. - are there illustrations/pictures etc if so try full page to break up the text.

Good luck thought book layout can be a PIA :slight_smile:

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Thank you so much for your reply it was very helpfull!

The PDF will very very simple an clean I am already using sans serif font “Avenir” sounds good? Yes I will use full image size, about de text an titles alignment can I mix and then in some pages with shorter sentences I can centre align in the middle of the page, and then in other I can left align the title and place it near de border? Or should I just embrace one type of alignment?
Thank you so much once again for your advice :smiley: your are very kind!

On titles -

Or should I just embrace one type of alignment - defo but use an alternative font/size/weight - again ‘sensible’ spacing between.

Best advice of all. When you have a few pages laid out ‘go away’ for a bit then come back and read the the text in the layout - as (I assume your not insurance minded) does the layout please YOU (not as a s designer but as a fresh mind) - can you understand the flow and does it want you to ‘hold the book’ i.e. keep reading

OK last bit difficult as is insurance BUT … :slight_smile:

Once again thank you so much! Your are great :slight_smile:

I will take in consideration your advices and tips, wish me good luck :stuck_out_tongue:

GL and have fun :slight_smile: