Help with Dutch or Flemish commercial (2BE channel)


Hi! Tunesat has detected one of my tracks in Modern Family (in ads I suppose) - 2BE (Belgium). I would like to know which ad is, but I understand nothing. I have only 8 seconds of audio.

Can anyone help me? Thanks!


I could help, no problem… however, the audio is not opening on my machine (could be my pc, or the fact that it’s 64 bit).
Do you have another link i can open it with?


Thanks Robert! Try here, please


ah, it worked thanks!

Well, the clip says nothing really… could be a dating bureau commercial?
It basically a male saying “I hope she is beautiful, and i hope she will keep me company in those few moments im really happy” and then a unfinished sentence.

lol, that’s all i can do for you… it’s a thick belgium accent so i am guessing someone from belgium might be able to reconize the voice/words/music combo from a commercial.


I think it will be very difficult to find with those words so generic!

Thank you very much for trying! :slight_smile:


Very generic indeed haha, but who knows! Good luck.


Found it! Thanks!