Help with document editor

I’m new to iOS development I want to create an application like Document Writer. I’ve been using Document Writer for a long time and I’m very impressed with features it has like editing, printing, PDF conversion, voice notes etc. I want to make something similar that has similar features and takes minimum space.

If you’re not sure about what I’m talking about then get Document Writer from the AppStore.

Can you guys help me where to start?

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That doesn’t sound like a beginner standard app

Is there are reason you can’t just keep on using the version you are already comfortable with and which is then someonelse’s issue to develop and maintain?

If you a really want to build your own and have a sensible budget then you may be able to hire expert help at


I’m really interested in learning iOS development and maybe add some extra features that are useful to my daily routine.

I get bored with starting from the basic hello world apps and gradually advancing to the hard stuff. I want to start from something that’s a bit challenging.