Help with definition of 'Project' in the license

I’ll ask this two ways because I think the answer is the same, just asked differently.

  1. I subscribe to Elements and create for myself a “logo animation” that would go at the beginning of vlogs I might create. It’s a little 10-second spinny logo thing. There, it’s done. I love it. I have completed (in my mind), the ‘Project’ of building myself a nice customized 10-second bumper clip. Now… That 10 second clip isn’t going to change in any way, but it will be used at the beginning of videos that I might create for the next few years. Do I need to maintain an Elements subscription simply because I continue to use that completed logo project at the beginning of other video ‘projects’? That would seem crazy that a few years from now I haven’t touched a single Elements asset, haven’t edited or change it, but would still need to maintain a subscription. I asked Support and they said yes, but I think they misunderstood me.
  2. A customer asks me to create for them a similar animated logo for the beginning of their videos. I use Elements to create the logo and once my ‘Project’ of creating their animated log is ‘complete’ I deliver it to them. Same as in question 1, they will potentially use that logo in multiple video projects over time. Do I need to maintain an Elements license because it’s being used in multiple new video ‘Projects’ in the future?

Sorry for the long question, but Support said I do need to keep a license and this seems wrong to me.