Help with conditonal tags

Hello. Can somebody help me out with comditional tags??

I ONLY want the currency bar to assign on some of my preferred menu and categories page not all.of them. The conditional tags are not really working for me atm. Can somebody help?

For example; if i only want to assign the currency bar on my shop page, new arrivals, and sale page. How should the tags be?

is_shop()|, is_newarrivals()|, is_sale()|


Its not working, can someone help?


Yes, I can help you with conditional tags. Based on your requirements, you can use the following code snippet to display the currency bar only on the Shop, New Arrivals, and Sale pages:

<?php if (is_shop() || is_page('new-arrivals') || is_page('sale')) { // Display the currency bar } ?>

This code uses the is_shop() function to check if the current page is the Shop page. For the New Arrivals and Sale pages, we use the is_page() function and pass in the page slugs as arguments.

Make sure to replace ‘new-arrivals’ and ‘sale’ with the actual slugs of the pages. You can find the page slug in the URL when editing the page in the WordPress dashboard.

I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any further questions.