Help with cinematic track.Rejected.Newby



Dear fellows,
4 days ago i uploaded ,my very first track to AJ. Today got rejected. Can you help me to find all the reasons caused reject.

Thank you so much!


I would suggest replacing the pizzicato strings with piano. Or at least try solo violin pizzicato not the entire section. Also, not sure if it’s harp or piano during the climax but the chords sound very mellow. If it’s pp then no way you could hear it over the orchestra in real life like that, maybe try different (forte) articulation. In addition ewqlso percussion bass drum is one of the most distinctive sample library sounds, it’s not too much in the face here which is good but maybe good old tympani would do a better job? And maybe you don’t need so much reverberation overall in the mix, see which instruments benefit from using it and which do not. That’s my personal honest feedback for now. Hope it helps


Thank you buddy. yes, it is a piano. you mean the one in a breakdown. Well, you’ve point good spots. Thank you !