Help with choosing theme

To have a website you need

A CMS like WordPress or similar is an easier way to manage and edit a website’s content as opposed to not using one which will require you editing website code to make any updates

Thank you for patience with the noobs…:wink:

I bought the avada theme from envato/themeforest …downloaded zip files to device…then uploaded to my cpanel…extracted, now how do I access and start working on the site construction?

Have a look at the documentation, please.
You ate lucky, Avada has a really great documentation.
You will be guided step by step.

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I’m stuck in a catch 22…I purchased the avada theme, I cannot activate it because the key is not valid, I erased key started over, got a new key and still nothing…I go to get support/documentation on the issue and it wont let me use support without first registering the product…cant register product without key, cant figure out why key isnt working without registration but cant register product without key…cant figure out why key isnt working without registration…but cant register without key…I’ve googled it, is there a refund, this shouldn’t be so difficult to figure out, it was billed as a beginners friendly

You can always drop a line here on the comments page and they will surely help you out with that validation.
There is a point sometimes when support is needed, Avada support team is really gret, you’ll see :yum: