Help with choosing theme

I would like to purchase a theme, I am a beginner, so user friendly, not too complex, my host is with wordpress so it needs to work with that, and i would like to build something that is in the neighborhood of this site,
esp. the paralax effect…would you recommend a theme i could do this with?..thank you

If you are hosting with WordPress then you will have to be using their Business plan which is £20+ a month to be able to upload third party themes.

Is that the package you have?

I am hosting with bluehost…but I have wordpress installed there…

Are you looking for a construction company WordPress theme? Or related to something else?

Yes…I own a small business doing kitchen and bath remodels…I like the format of the site I posted as an example…I like how the text boxes scrolls over the back ground pics…and how the background pics change every page length as you scroll down…what kind of theme does that? And how does one make it work?

Kitchen and bath - what a great project for building a website :wink:

You are a beginner as you said.
Do you know the very basics of WordPress? E.g. how to install a new theme and how to do blog posts, how to add and delete pages? If yes, you have better chances to be able to build your website on your own.

The text scrolling over the background image can be achieved by using the page builders. These page builders come with the theme you purchase.
Generally the themes also include a one click demo install - it means that your website will look the same as shown on the demo. You change the text and images, add or delete pages (or just parts of a page) and posts and adjust the menu.

Sometimes the (help) documentation is available online, so you can have a look at the documentation before purchasing a theme.

You can have a look if you understand the documentation.

As an example:

how the background pics change every page length as you scroll down

These are the called rows.
Rows are made with builder.
The text is the main content of the row.
The image is the background and you can set to have a parallax effect (or other effects).
Every row has settings. These rows are set to be “Stretch row and content with no padding”. So these rows become as wide as the screen.

…what kind of theme does that?

Any theme that comes with a page builder that are so popular nowdays

And how does one make it work?

You can achieve it by that one click demo install - so you have the same look and you just need to change the text and image :yum:

Thank you…yes I know the basics of wordpress…I am using one of thier free themes, 2017 or 2019 I believe…should I be able to accomplish the above actions with one of those themes or do I need to purchase one that is coded different…? Or do i need page builder plugins to make it work…? Thank you so much for yor time answering my questions, it’s very organized and easy to understand, you deserve a tip…where s the jar!!! Thanks again

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You are more than welcome :slight_smile: We all had to start somewhere… I know it is hard to get the answers sometimes.

  • Based on your description I would suggest to purchase a WordPress theme ,
    ThemeForest here is a great marketplace.

  • As a beginner purchasing just a page builder plugin would mean too much work and you might be disappointed by the end.

If you have the time to go through the learning process:
keep in mind that it will take quite a time until you finish.

On the other hand if you don’t feel comfortable enough:
I suggest to let a professional do the job for you. It can save you time and money. It could cost you more to repair your site instead of being set up by a professional from the very beginning.

In case you decide to build your new website all on your own:

I suggest choosing a theme with the followings:
(theme description and the sidebar of an item page include all these info)

  • a popular page builder is included
    (e.g. Elementor or WPBackery Page Builder)

  • demo has already got the look and feel you need by default
    this way you can use that one click demo import and go ahead more easily

  • has an online documentation
    so you can have a look even before you buy if you understand what to do

  • I always check the date of the last update
    (just to make sure the theme is regularly updated in order to work properly)

  • I always check if the author responds to comments on the comments page of the item
    (just to make sure the author is still active and I can get support if needed)

Please keep in mind that:
(((You can skip this part if you do not mind losing your existing data and website.)))

  • in case of a one click demo install all your existing data are overwritten
    (i.e. you lose your existing website)

  • to avoid losing your existing website:
    – do not install demo on your existing website,
    – instead: set up a test site e.g. in a subfolder,
    – install demo content,
    – export and import your blog posts from from existing into the new one,
    – change the content of pages and contact forms on your new test website,
    – when you are ready and satisfied, move your complete new website to replace the existing one

I hope it helps!

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Hi there,

I’ve got one more idea for you.

  • You can try the free versions of the two (most) popular page builders
    so that you can have an idea if you can manage to work with these page builders on your own.

  • You can use them on your existing website.
    (Or set up a test WordPress site in a subfolder to play around)

  • First create a backup of your website,
    so you can restore if needed - just to be sure.
    You can manage backups with BlueHost,
    or a really simple free plugin here

Page builders:

Many of the WordPress themes come with these page builders included.


WPBackery Page Builder

If a theme you purchase here on ThemeForest comes with one of those page builders:
Benefits: demo already includes the specific design for the theme built in = easy to get the look and feel of your website +lifetime updates (untill theme is available on ThemeForest)
Possible downside: you would need to set up a test site and move it (no big deal, anyway - a simple plugin here)

If you purchase just one of the page builders:
Benefits: you can go ahead and start using it on your existing website
Downside: you have to build the look on your own - it can be time consuming

Now you can decide which way to go :yum:

K…found theme I wanna use…installed WPstaging plugin…not sure how to play around with just the new theme…it looks like the plugin is designed to edit/play with the theme alredi being used…how do I load the new theme and completely bypass messing with what I currently have up/live?

Theme is Avada from theme forest…

Do not install anything right now on your existing website!
The easiest way is to set up your new site in a subfolder.
Your existing website runs as usual.
In the meantime you build your new website in a subfolder.
Install Avada and the demo you choose.
Then start customising the demo.
When you are finished with your new website, you will move it to the place where your existing website runs right now.
(Moving your website will be really easy with this plugin.

Congratulations, you are very lucky,! You have chosen a theme that has really, really great documentation with videos! Best thing that could have happened to you :yum:
Documentation (help sites) will navigate you through the process how to install and set up everything.

Documentation is your best friend right now :yum:

Just let me know if I am clear enough. :wink:

Is the term “sub folder” and “staging site” the same thing…when I look up how to install into a sub folder “how to set up staging site” comes up…?

K…I got it…thanks

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You set up the staging site (test site, the newly built website) in a subfolder.
This way no need to use staging plugins.
Are you OK now?

Yes…thank you, you have been a great help

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I’m proud of you, you improved a lot :wink:
Have a nice time with WordPress :yum:

Hello everyone. Thank you for sharing this with us, I find it really interesting! However I have a question to ask you in private message if it is possible. Thank you for your return

PM sent. Welcome.

K…the inevitable :wink:…question! I ve tried to google this, but I’m not sure I grasp it…what is a content management system…? Does a web theme come with it, is it something completely different then a web page, host, etc…blue host is NOT a content management? Am I understanding correctly- to have a website you need, 1) web page 2) host 3) CMS…?