Help with adding new product to Compare theme

I have been having some issues with importing the csv file needed to add bulk products to my compare theme so I decided to do it manually. I followed the instructions on the link below and it works except there is no place for me to put the “retailer” and the “price”. So whenever I search for the product now, it has all the information but no retailer or price. Also no option for buy now etc.

It seems like the best option is to import the csv file because you can add a lot more information to each item to compare. Although, even when it says the csv file imported successfully, when I check the site to check the product I just uploaded, there are no products showing. Not sure where the file is importing too, but its definitely not working.

I have created a support ticket but it takes so long for someone to get back to me and I really want to get this fixed so I can launch my site.

Anyone able to help me out?


Hey @scottie64 ,

What’s the actual theme you’re using? Is it this one? Tagging in @awesem_DE

Also did you raise the ticket with the Envato support team, or the support team of the author? The author will be the one that you want…

Hey thanks for the reply. I just found it easier to do it manually and not use the CSV file.

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Hi Scott,

I hope you are well. Please feel free to raise a support ticket over at if you need any help.



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