Help with a logo that disappeared from my homepage

Hey all, was hoping someone could help with an issue I’ve had. My magazine’s logo has disappeared from the top of my homepage (and all pages, actually), leaving a blank space with just my company’s tagline there by itself. I’ve tried everything I can think of in Wordpress (widgets especially), my original designer has moved to Europe and ThemeForest SaladMag (my theme for years) is no longer available or in production. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Can you share a link of the website?
Doing a content migration to a new theme very soon, but just want/need to get the logo back in the meantime. Thanks

the theme and everything seems fully functional. can you check through your media files and find it?


Are you migrating? Because your logo is available here:

But not here:

It seems that your logo isn’t available on your server ( If you have FTP access, just re-upload the file:





It’s definitely in the media folder, as are several other versions of the logo I used in the past. What I can’t find is the widget or page/location to do the actual logo upload. I could re-upload in 5 seconds… I just can’t seem to find where to do it in the Wordpress SaladMag theme. Hope that makes sense.
On a side note, I’ve recently noticed some older articles are missing photos as well. Wonder if some of the media got lost in the midst of a Wordpress update along the line.

If the the theme is as old as you say and no longer supported then you should definitely consider changing. It will continue to have problems and eventually be a security concern. If you want to change the logo then try Appearance -> Customization and then go to site identity under header. Other themes might have it somewhere under theme options/settings which is sometimes under the name of the theme at the left side bar of the wordpress admin dashboard.

(Don’t proceed if you don’t have knowledge about)

So, if you are having problem with several images, not just the logo, I think you should:

1 - (Very important!) Do a copy/backup of your database

2 - Search and replace all ocurrencies of:



Thanks to both of you. Anxious for the new site to be up and will take care of all this beforehand.

Excellent tutorial and very well explained!