Help! Why rejections?

I need advice. What is wrong, why rejections?

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Bass drum too loud, and too “boxy” for my opinion - it takes unwanted attention on itself. Everithing else is in place for me.

I think it’s in the mixing ! and all sorts of fixings voices of children )

The snare sounds to slim and disappears. The kick needs to glue to the instruments… if there is one?? The start of the track is very good.

Thanks for the feedback. Perhaps this is really a problem mixing and individual sounds …
I should think a lot))):smirk:

I think the mix is great, it’s the weird childrens voice which would be the reason for the rejection. The childrens voices sound very odd and out of place and off-putting. EVerything else is awesome!

Thanks for all the tips!) I hope variant without children’s voices will be allowed))))

I think there are 2 reasons of reject:

  1. Mixing
  2. Children voice