Help! Why my music was rejected?



Hello!) please help me to understand why my music was hard rejected? I think it’s not bad…
Thanks for answers!

reason: This submission does not meet AudioJungle’s commercial production (samples/recording/mixing/mastering) standard, and its commercial composition/arrangement standard, unfortunately.


Hi there !)))
1 The most obvious is that the piano doesn’t fit the balance , and plays not smoothly .
2 The kick is not heard at all .
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I hear some timing/rhythm issues with the acoustic guitar. Mostly standing off at 0:29 for example.


Thanks for answers, but why I did not get “soft rejection”? in your opinion, can I make some changes and download this track one more time?


No , once again you can’t download if it is a hard reject !!! As experience shows it is better to write a new track !!!


OK, thank you for help!


Hi! ))

I think there is too many sub on a kickdrum, thats why you can’t hear punch of it. But the main reason, I think, it’s timing issues of AcGtr, like SixideBeats said.


i think too . low freq , sub at kick
and midi hearing

  1. The track doesn’t really go anywhere
  2. The drums sound fake and unpolished.
  3. Snare is indistinct
  4. Very deep and flabby and indistinct
  5. Guitar is out of time in places

Best of luck with improvements! I don’t think you are far away from getting a good sound happening!


Thanks for answers! now I hear this issues)