Help! Why my item has been Rejected?

Friends, help me figure out what I’m doing wrong! This is my third attempt in the style of “future bass” and the third “hard reject.” I myself would now reject my first attempt. The second was rejected here, but sold on other stocks. Today I ask you, those who work in this style, tell me what I did wrong in my third attempt.


Kick, Bass: both musical instruments do not sound tight. This is Future Bass!
In general, the composition lacks dynamics, movement, interesting percussion parts.
The main disadvantage is the repetition of the same party in instruments(wobble, bass, synth, etc).

My advice, banal but, уou need to work more in the mix, and listen to more tracks of top authors in these categories. But this is just my opinion. Of course I could be wrong!
Anyway, I wish you good luck!

Thank You!