Help! Why did this track got rejected?

Hey guys! I got this track rejected and i need some help figuring out why:

It was rejected before, so I recorded all instruments live since I thought maybe they sounded too digital but it was rejected again.

I’d really appreciate some feedback.


My thoughts: too long intro, hi-hat (or is it some kind of a shaker?) is panned too hard to the right, the ending is too abrupt. Nice track overall!


Too long entry into the music (1:09). The music itself lasts 1:52. This is a big mistake.

The moment from 1:08 is set to 0:20. AJ does not welcome a long introduction.
Voice from 0:25 mix with the moment at 1:30. So your mix will be as full as possible.
At 1:52 you have to make a pit of music along with guitars from 0:02 and 0:45.
After that, repeat the mix again with the recorded voice from 1:08.
By the way, vocals need to be processed carefully(autotune? strong compression? :thinking:).
Nice track overall.
Here is an example:

Some instruments sound too artificial, use more real instruments.

Thanks for your feedback

Thanks for the feedback! very useful information