Help welcome - item rejected - Contact Form with VueJS and PHPMailer (SMTP)

Hi folks, my item, a Contact Form, was not accepted and I would be grateful for feedback from you. The App is coded with VueJS in the frontend und works with PHP in the backend.

What are the features of the app?

  • Reactivity - no jQuery, it works with VueJS
  • Validation
  • AntiSpam - ReCaptcha2 integration
  • PHPMailer with SMTP - Not the PHP mai() - function
  • 100% responsive
  • clean / well commented code
  • easy to install

I have only one config file to set up the SMTP data. There was als a short and clear readme file. Everything was up to date and at a high technical level.

Preview Link:

I know, there are already a lot of contact forms. However, I am of the opinion that another technology, such as VueJS, has not yet been used here and would therefore be an asset in the marketplace. Also, very few contact forms use the SMTP mail function, which is far better than the normal PHP mail() function.

I am happy about feedback.

Cheers, Martin