Help us Why HTML template hard reject?

Any expert tell us Why hard reject our HTML template?

  • Is this properly built or using a page/site builder?

  • Code doesn’t validate

  • Fundamentals with typography and spacing need a lot of work

  • This one page category is SO overdone that anything new here has to really really have something unique to it

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Charlie thank you for reply.
Its very helpful for me but I don’t understand why Code doesn’t validate !

Did you write the code or did you use a builder tool?

We write code but use tools for some code

It does resemble a site from mobirise

The concept is just too basic to compete in that category now and with respect, there are a lot of freebie templates out there (and builders like the tool above) which can achieve similar stuff.

You have to find something premium to add value to any item ,and design needs to be pretty flawless this needs attention

Yea I have use this tools for some section but I have changed design manually every section.

Those tools don’t export proper code that’s almost certainly where the issues you have are and it is very very hard to get items approved here if it is not hand coded (not just edited) and original code

I understood
Lot of thanks