Help us update our community rules!

Hey everyone,

A long, long time ago in a forum far, far away a group of very wise humans created a series of rules that govern our community.

If you haven’t seen them, don’t worry too much! Most members of our community go their entire Envato-lives without ever seeing our rules (that is of course unless they happen to break one of them).

We’ve been thinking for a while that it’s time we updated these rules. However, rather than drafting them in our office and then handing them to the community, we want the rules that we create and enforce to ultimately reflect the type of community you want to be a part of.

To that end, we want to work with you and collaborate on what these rules should be. What do you think should change? What should we encourage and what should we work to deter?

If you have an opinion of the way we should be moving, please take the time to drop your thoughts into this form. We promise to read and consider every response.

We’ll be following a format very similar to when we did the forum restructure project earlier last year. We’ll open the form up for feedback, listen to what people say then share our insights and action points.

Happy new year :smiley:


In my opinion, the currently existing rules is quite good. I don’t see the sense to change something.


I agree with ParaliaSound. Everything is good right now.


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Current rules are fine for me.

I’m new here. In my opinion everything is cool:подмигивание:

I think this forum is wonderful and has provided so many great observations and tips. As well as fantastic members.

But I have these three points:-

  • We do not condone any illegal activity at all.
  • Be descriptive. Post a descriptive topic name. Try to make your subject cleanly and understandable.
  • Don’t post any technical problem for items. For any technical or item-related support, you must contact the items author directly.

every time

I think now everything is perfect ! You need to change in other areas , but who will listen …


I’ve been here for a month and I’m still finding my way around but so far everything is great. Nothing but positives here. :blush:

Feedback sent :slight_smile: . I have to say there’s not much that needs improving round here, but I did end up with some suggestions.


It’s true Matthewcoxy, I agree with you guys. Awaiting for more updates.

i am new here, and just try one item (t-shirt template), i think the rule is good :blush:

i think the rule is good

Please remember we’re talking forum and community rules, not the item review process :smiley:



As a whole I think the forum is great. It would be great to be able to filter out certain topics (item feedback and celebrations) but that’s more of a forum structure issue rather than a community rules issue.

The things I’ve seen are pretty minor, but in the interest of providing feedback:

  • Sometimes people will go off topic on threads when they should really just create their own threads (aka review/feedback posts in this thread :smile: ).
  • Certain members seem to post a lot of low-effort comments that don’t contribute to the discussion. I don’t know if there’s some sort of forum level or badge given out to people who comment a lot, but it almost seems like some people just try and pad their post quantity. I think this is generally counterproductive.
  • Every once and a while there’s a post that’s critical of Envato, or other authors, without providing constructive dialogue. A good community rule would be “provide suggestions for improvement rather than criticism.”
  • It would be cool if people could limit feedback requests to maybe once a month or something.

But really, forums are good and Envato/Moderators do a good job. :slight_smile:


I think the forum rules are sufficient how they are right now.
In general: one must be careful not to make the rules to restrictive. Then it becomes like some sort of penal system.
Maybe it’s already in the rules, but the main course must be: not to offend people, or feel offended to fast.
The option to report people that offend/infringe (which I’ve read sometimes) is maybe a necessary thing, but as a concept I have problems with this in an ethical way. My concept is more “live and let live” and help where you can. Maybe this is what the forums should (continue to) breath. This sounds (to me) somewhat soft, but I don’t know how to put it in other words (in English).

I tried to create a theme which will focus on the tracks which were rejected , because too many new topics and they clog up our forum , but I was told people will continue to create new , why not create a theme which will be seen the tracks which were rejected . For example, if the topic What is the Audiojungle review queue length now? was not one , and everyone created a new topic as soldiers track sales or monitor , if anyone has put in a new topic as he goes sale , I think we all would have gone crazy . I propose to create a theme which will be considered rejected tracks ! And Similar Topics :grinning:

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and where there are people who boast of their achievements and they will congratulate you !)))

Before you start fixing something you needs to know what’s broken…

In order to update the community rules we need to know what’s rule has been violated and work from there I guess…