Help understand the mistakes.

Hello! Please indicate my mistakes made in this track and not allowing me to get into the Audio Jungle.

Very bass oriented, the bass could use a different sound, something more ominous which is that your track seems to be emulating. The strings don’t sound very realistic, not sure what you are using for samples? …and it gets a little busy towards the end, confusing almost, although it does build properly so nice job there. The track overall is very cool, but try to figure out exactly what a video producer would use it for, find some videos that use tracks like the sound you’re after, then compare your work to there work…then make edits …maybe cut some of the sounds you have like to vocal samples and keep it to the instruments your track starts with, just make those parts build.

Offering advice because you asked and no one has responded, hope it helps and is constructive!

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Thanks for the answer and advice!) I use strings from the Audiobro LA Scoring Strings library. Many times I watched various video tutorials about creating realistic sound for orchestral instruments, but I can’t get a more realistic sound …