Help Track Rejected

Hi this track got rejected. Not sure if it is salvageable. Was hoping for a cold frozen arctic feel. Any tips to improve it would be much appreciated. Too repetitive, mixing etc. Should I drop all the drums and keep it like a ambient soundscape?


The only problem I see with this track is the drums. I think if they were pretty crisp and clean they would complement the track very well but as is their tail seem too long and they don’t have much high frequencies which make them sound a bit muddy.

Otherwise I get a nice vibe from this song, keep it up!

Possibly caught in two versions?’s pure ambient soundscape until 0:32. Then something else - gut reaction is there’s two pieces to be made from this track. One based on the first 30 seconds and one starting at 30+ with the instrumentation so you don’t have to wait 1.20 for the violins :slight_smile:

Many thanks for your comment