help to uptload files via FTP

Dear friends,

I’m trying to upload files via FTP. Already I downloaded and installed the recommended program (FTP client FileZilla). After I registered in the Envato API and registered my Apps. I have their respective passwords.
Then open the FTP program, put the host, the user name, password, and port number. When I click conctar the following error appears:

“530 Login incorrect. Marketplace account passwords are no longer accepted to authenticate via FTP, please use your API key instead. For more information please visit

My question is if I have to wait for the Envato team recognizes my apps? after creating the apps have to wait? Or am I making some wrong?

I appreciate all the help to resolve this my problema.

Best Regards,
João Dias

Im not sure now which pass you have used, but the API should be used as password. Not the marketplace password. It should work immediately.

Im using Cyberduck, but have tested now with FileZilla and it works well. You can use any of APIs generated before.

Username: toninhomantorras
Password: APIkey
Port: 21

Not working with me , i entered everything right
it gives me error server !