help to uploade new landing page

I purchased a landing page and want to upload it to a wordpress hosting company from NameShip

Are you sure it’s a WordPress theme you purchased? What’s the item link?

Domain and hosting from NameShip, as well as a plugin sit origin
And I want to raise this site in order to make the amendment to suit my site, including pictures and the like

That’s just a html landing page - you won’t be able to install or use it with WordPress

These are WP themes and landing pages available

I have appointed her what to do is there a way

Can I use it without WordPress?
Can I amend it later? I am only looking for a simple website

It will not work as it is with WP - this can only be used by editing the the code/content etc in its raw format. There will be no CMS or editor like you have in WP

Ok, how do I raise it without hosting Wordpress can you help me

Now I will never take advantage of it. Is there a similar simple page that works on WordPress?

You would need to edit the code and upload that to your web domain and hosting. If you are not familiar with HTML, CSS then this may be difficult.

These are WordPress landing page sold on Themeforest

This can’t install on WordPress but you publish on your web server direct using cpanel or other hosting panel.

First you need to understand easy thing.
I know you can do this because it’s very easy.

You want change text and photos appearing in front.

You have to edit manually.

Take any good code editor tool.
I am using " Sublime ".
Open index.html file in local browser.
And Open same index.hrml file in code editor tool.

Now look in browser what text you want change, just that and find in code and replace with your text.

Now want change images just copy paste your photos in image folder or img folder then go browser and right click and inspect code, select image and find image path withb it’s name copy link path and find in code, replace images name with your image.

Do this in all code

Very easy :disappointed:

Ok now you are ready to publish on web server :wink:

Paste all file as it is in root folder / public folder.

Access your domain that’s boom :bomb::boom::bomb::boom::bomb::boom: