Help to understant what i did wrong on my theme.

I have made my 2nd theme but it hard rejected every time . I fixed all issue and also change my design also. But it rejected everytime.

Also after hard reject i submit the theme( after made changes) with same name . is this also one of the reason.

this is my theme link -


  • The name will not matter.

  • With respect this feels very like a thousand other themes already for sales.

  • Nav items like ‘more coming soon’ just feels unfinished and quite lazy

  • Loads of other potential pages, features, and functionality like services etc. missing

  • Don’t have navigation e.g. in footer to pages/links that do not exist - again feels like you have not finished

Every time you publish something that is not the absolute best it can be you are making life harder for yourself as it’s more likely to be rejected and then you are left needing to make significant change to have any chance.

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I think it is for your design quality, You should improve you design quality!

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