Help to understand why the track was rejected? Thank you

Our Review team also provided these comments:

This submission does not meet our general commercial production (sample quality/mixing/mastering) standard, unfortunately.

I think it just typical. Audiоjungle don’t need a large amount of repetitive works.

Hey @Soundside -

You’ve got some really nice elements here. The main delayed electric guitar riff is really cool! Well done. Nice arrangement, melody and overall harmonic choices, IMO.

However a few things that jumped out to me were:

  1. The snare is too hot in the mix, and your hi-hat and cymbals are not present enough (try boosting around 8kHz to fix that)
  2. Your piano probably needs some EQ cuts at around 200-300Hz because it sounds muddy to my ears when you play the chords in your B-section.
  3. Most instruments are very central in the stereo field…maybe consider a stereo widening plugin.
  4. The ending doesn’t resolve (despite the piano chord playing the I-chord) because of your last-played delayed guitar note…and most clients want a nice resolve on the ending.

Anyway, just a few initial thoughts, hope you can get it accepted!


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AJ reviewers don’t reject tracks solely for being “typical”. If they worked like this, 90% of our tracks would be rejected.

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Thank you )

I think the point mixing. Section drum sound separately from the rest. Drums in one space, music - in the other space. and I hear some panorama problems.