Help to make a PHP script code.

Hello fellow authors. I introduce myself, my name is Zhareiv and I need help to solve a question of problems with my code, and to solve some doubts that I have, since I am self-taught and there are some things that I do not understand, so I would like to learn more.

A few months ago I submitted a php product, and it was rejected.
They tell me that there is a question of synthesis that the Codecanyon team tells me that it is not well written.

I’ve checked the code dozens of times, and it seems to me to be correct. More however it has been rejected multiple times, and this has been the response I have had.

So I would like to know if my code has the errors that are listed below.
I look forward to your help. Thank you.


  1. Don’t suppress errors:

  2. Remove all unused code:

  3. Keep libraries up-to-date, and don’t load from CDN:

  4. Sanitize all input data:

  5. All JavaScript should be written with “use strict” mode on.
    For example, you can do this with jQuery as follows:
    (function($) { “use strict”; // Author code here })(jQuery);

  6. Use .on() rather than .click(), .bind(), .hover(), .submit() etc…

  7. md5() is cryptographically broken and should not be used.

  8. Data Validation issues have been found. Do a global search for “echo $”.
    All dynamic data must be correctly escaped for the context where it is rendered.

The reviewer told you exactly what you need to change, what is not clear about his feedback?

Hello friend, let me explain.
As you know, I submitted my article a few times, but I always received the same response already scheduled. And I asked which of those points I was wrong, so they didn’t give me more than the same answer. And it is very frustrating to be told that it is badly done, but they do not tell you why. It’s like being in a 10-question exam, you go and present it to your teacher, but he tells you that there is one that is wrong, but he does not tell you which one is wrong, assuming you know what it is, and how could I solve it?

That is why I ask this huge community for help to help me improve and grow here at envato. Support me friend, please. :slight_smile:

I am sorry but I do not understand. Have you fixed all of these 8 points or not? Because that is a pretty detailed feedback you got.

I have solved the extensions, take a look at the code. Notice which one I have not corrected correctly, since I don’t know why they don’t know how to explain me, because they just keep sending me the same answer with the same 8 “errors”.

Well I am sorry but it is not our job to check your code. If you are still getting rejected with these 8 issues, it means the reviewer still sees them in your code. You need to double-check everything and make sure you’ve uploaded the updated version and tell the reviewer that you’ve fixed them. If you are 100% sure you’ve fixed them but still getting the same reply, you need to explain your situation to reviewer. Maybe there is some technical issue that the reviewer is not seeing the updated version, I don’t know. The only way to resolve it is to communicate, maybe provide your own screenshots of the code you’ve fixed or something like that.

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Getting an item approved can sometimes become one of the most difficult things but if you keep on ignoring the feedback from reviewers side then sooner or later your PHP script code is going to be a hard rejected by the reviewer

Thank you

@promotionking @LSVRthemes

This is the response I got after contacting them again, I have no help from the forum, neither from you, nor from the support team. Tell me what else can I do, I am worse than an African American in the 50s, worse than an Asian in the 40s, and currently as a Mexican, wise is my land. But my v oz is not heard, I am not accusing us of racism or anything, it is just a comment that alludes to what is happening, and nobody listens to me. I have already kindly asked for help from several people here at envato, and have been denied help.

Please help me solve this problem. I really would like to know what is wrong with my code.

Ok, I will ask again, are you 100% sure you’ve fixed all those 8 issues?

Seems like you have still not fixed the issues. So once all issues are resolved only then please again submit the code

Can you tell me where the problems are? or what do you mean. Since you say that I have errors, but you do not tell me which of the 8 suggestions is still pending.

The problems are solved and as you know, I am self-taught and have relied on articles from the web and projects approved by Envato, which were approved. The code is functional and does not throw errors at me.
Here I leave my code again, for you to review.
In case a flaw is found in the php or java script code, I would like to dialogue, since there is a function to insert code just like wordpress with its plugins.

These lines of code are found throughout the script template. It could be that this causes error number 8 in the list, but nothing was confirmed.

The error number 7 of the list, was solved, except for a line of the code with md5 () but that is in an open source file called PHPMailer, and that error I cannot solve since that code is not mine and I do not know what trouble it causes.

If anyone comes across a bug in the code, let me know

I am sorry but we are not going to review your code, it was already reviewed by the reviewer. You need to solve all those issues. If you are not sure about any of them, just ask which one do you not understand, but they are IMHO very clear and if you want to sell something on Envato, you should be be experienced enough to be able to solve them all by yourself.

but that is in an open source file called PHPMailer, and that error I cannot solve since that code is not mine and I do not know what trouble it causes

It doesn’t work like that. If you add some code to your item, you have to make sure it passes all the requirements. It absolutely doesn’t matter if it is your own code or some open source one. It is your responsibility to make it up to standards.

With all due respect, but you really have to change your mindset if you are serious about selling with Envato. There is no holding hands. You are competing with professionals from all around the world. It is the survival of the fittest. It is not a basic human right to have your item approved here, it is a privilege. Privilege you have to work for hard, as everyone else who is selling here.
So again, read each one of those eight issues you got from the reviewer and make 100% sure you fix them all.

With all due respect, but I think that the one who has to change their way of thinking is you, because you tell me to talk to them to ask for their help. Since those points are not clear to me, maybe for you they are, since you work or are part of Envato, since you are a moderator.

I ask for help and I am denied. I got in touch with them and gave you the proof of what they responded to me, and in turn I put what was happening in the forum to them.

And that about modifying other people’s code, we will talk about it later, since that is a separate issue and very difficult to make understood.

So again I ask for help to solve these problems, and now I do demand that they tell me where I am wrong. Since one is not born knowing, and when you ask for help they tell you that you are capable of doing it. So no friend, it’s not like that.
If you don’t know something, you have to ask, and as a general rule there always has to be an answer.

And that about modifying other people’s code, we will talk about it later, since that is a separate issue and very difficult to make understood

There is nothing to discuss. You are responsible for every piece of code you put into your item. I am not saying you have to audit all the 3rd party code, of course not, but if the reviewer finds issue in it, you will definitely have to fix it.

So again I ask for help to solve these problems

What exactly you need help with? Which one of those 8 points is not clear?

I’m not in @LSVRthemes league when it comes to technical know how, but being able to properly navigate and analyse every aspect of the item is critical so that it is possible to bug fix, support, update etc without problems