Help to identify author!

It’s a cut from video review on youtube. And this part is only without voice so i cut it and looped a little bit.
99% that this song from audio stock resources.
It would be awesome if you help me to identify this track guys! Thank you!


well, it seems like there are thousands of tracks like this here! (generic corporate style)
your loop is too short to identify the track… (and BTW you loop is not right cutted… :wink: )

maybe you’ll be lucky and the author of this song will read your post, but it’s like winning the lottery!

otherwise you can easily find a similar track that will do the job…

one of mine:

and thousands of others:

have fun!

Hi! Thank you so much for replying. I know that i cutted it not right, but there’s no other option :slight_smile:
Because of the voice 0,1 second before and after this fragment. Hope that author gonna reply someday :slight_smile:

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