Help to find the author!


Hello! About 3 years ago I downloaded the preview and do not keep a reference to the author and his composition. Now I really need it, but I can not find! Help me please!


This is good example why mp3 metadata should not be left blank. Especially in preview files. Author, track title, even email address.


Yes, you are right, I tried to find it in soundizer, but it couldnt. :frowning:


…have a chance to find the author? :cry::cry::cry:


History in the web browser¿?


Alas, it was 3 years ago …


I tried my best to locate it, but without an item title, name, id, or anything. I can’t find it for you… sorry :’(


Thank you very much for trying to help me! It is hoped that the author accidentally see this message and identifies its composition … or someone who has already bought…


Good luck with your endevours and I’m sorry I wasn’t able to assist you more. Cheers!