Help to find a song

Hello to everybody.
i use envato for several things: one month ago i downloaded the promo of a track that fit to my idea. Now that the video is ready, i can’t find the track to buy it. neither with Soundizer. Does anyone knows this music?
Thanks in advance, i’m totally blocked cause i can’t use the video and in fact i inserted it in private link only for u.
enter link description here

The link doesn’t work.

Thanks 4 your reply, but i have tablet, pc, cell and in all it does work

@giuseppescorzelli i’ve found, take it :slight_smile: <a href=>Cinematic Track

GeorgioRoss, you are like God…i don’t know how you did, but…thanks a lot!!!

You’re welcome :slight_smile: Check mine work too, maybe you like smthn…

sure it’ll be