Help to decide between 3 bridge shop demos

Hello everyone,
I have woocommerce in my web with bridge theme and now I need to choose a shop demo to install. I have 3 favorites options and I need to choose one. I have some questions about them.

Option A- 19 Fullscreen: The home is only an image and a footer, can I add a photo gallery of my products, recent post and the feed instagram? Can I change the blog to pinterest apperarance?

Option B- 51 Minimal shop: Can I add a footer, some products of my shop and a newsletter in the home? Can I add a blog? Can I change the background color of the menu from black to white? Can I add a footer in the shop with the shipping info, privacy policy, cookies and the newsletter?

Opcion C- 52 Tile Shop: Can I add a footer in the home with the shipping info, cookies info, privacy policy and newsletter? Can I add the feed instagram in the home? Can I add the categories in my shop? And the categories in the main menu? Can I add a mansory blog?

Thank you so much,


Hello Marta and welcome to Envato Forums!

For any post-sale questions, issues or problems, you should get in touch with the author of the theme for support(In a ticket or via comments section - on ThemeForest). In this case use this link to reach the author of Bridge theme.

Good Luck!

Thank you so much, I didnt know I have to ask for a ticket =)

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