Help to create website with Woodmart

Hello all! I have a big problem. It’s the first time that i create a web site (Wordpress) and i feel lost.

Help me, please!

I am creating an ecommerce site with Woocommerce and Woodmart.

I have created the main menu in products> categories. When clicking on each of the departments I need to open a page with all subcategories of the parent category.
Example: (parent category) Mobility> wheelchairs-walkers-crutches- (these are the subcategories).

I created the “mobility” category as a page to be able to edit it (with WP Bakery) and place the subcategories (I want them to be seen in a box each with their respective image). But it’s not working.

I do not know what to do. How should I create the main menu, only with categories or with pages? With categories you cannot edit. With page, yes, but I can’t put what I want.
I tried using a template, it worked badly. Main menu categories appeared and I need the subcategories that I have in “mobility”.

Please help me. I am desperate and square-headed to try to find a solution without success.