Help to add Meta to Elementor


Elementor are really great useful and easy editor, but it lacks of possibility to add a custom meta, for example likes from ULikes plugin etc.

  • For WP and Elementor exist some powerful plugins that can create a new custom fields for posts etc like ACF/Pods/MetaBox/etc, but it’s not what I need.
  • Elementor Pro support are too lazy and can’t help also as they github stuff too.
  • Also this topic are not refer to ULike support forum because ULike is only a one sample of many different meta that I need.

So I need to access from Elementor a meta data (database->postmeta->metakey->data) that was automatically created by another plugins and use it at Elementor widgets dynamically by post number (for single post, posts grid, carousels, wooc products grids, etc). The best way is seems just to add those new meta to Elementor Dynamic Content (dropdown lists that accessable from most of Elementor widgets).

How it can be done??? Please, help to implement it!