Help to a new member

Hi, I’m a new member and I need help.
I loaded my track, but it was rejected. Can you explain my why? Because I listened other tracks on Audiojungle and on my opinion it sounds equal to them.
Link to track

The guitar is mixed awkwardly. The melody played by the guitar has some timbral hiccups. Overall I guess the idea and arrangement is not all that strong.

Shaker is too loud. Rhythm of track sounds sparse and very weak. Try to make it more tight, using another rhythmical pattern and more instruments: hi-hats, cymbals, claptrack. As about guitars, I totally agree with @widekeys. To my opinion, guitars does not performed well. Try to use sampled library, and then add some real guitar optionally. This track sounds like first try. Make at least a couple dosens of sketches in particular genre. It helps to generate ideas well. And then you could choose the best.