HELP the struggle is real

The struggle is real. So determined to buildout Staff Scout and port to career opportunities. I have set it up as a stand alone and as part of my website. BUT I cannot get the theme to upload properly. The WPjobmanager finally uploaded after godaddy backend issues. Now having fatal error with Mikado Listing
GoDaddy is working on this . I still am quite perplexed the theme is a blank grey page ? I really need a assistance. No pics no graphics no nothing Is that what I paid for … So confused. I thought it was the template as hown upload a couple pics verbiage and then fill with jobs.



Contact the support team:

You must bear in mind that if you want the images, you must acquire the licenses in the respective image banks, otherwise you would be incurring copyright violations.

And once again the images in question are only used for presentation purposes in demos.

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not an image question, but a format question. I did find a forum that the theme must be uploaded as plugin NOT as a theme. can you confirm?

also I really liked your theme. its sexy and it compliments my website well. The paid yah buts and paid addons along with the cluster$&#k of hiring a developer to upload is not really what I have come to expect from envato or themeforest, but in the end will be worth it if it all comes together. . I am so hopeful that when all is said and done my job board will look something like preview. PS pixabay free and istock photo nominal. pictures were never the issue.


Outlook-Edgecumbe .png

I suggest installing in the usual way, you can also choose to do it from Cpanel or FTP.

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