Help!! Tavern - Professional Restaurant Theme

So I have the theme which uses visual composer and essential grid plugin. My wordpress updated the latest version 5.6 and now its telling me to activate both plugins. Currently when I go to edit I only get a blank page as the composer is not working. It originally came with the theme and now its no longer available. when I click activate it takes me to a site I don’t have login details for( I don’t want to start buying separately as I already purchased the theme. How do I solve this?

Hello! Please contact the author of the theme.
Hope he can give you the right answer and solve your problem.

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For reference (while @romlam is right to try and contact the author) - there’s no active support for that theme and the last update was several years ago so even if you purchased the plugins separately the chances of compatibility are slim.

You may need to try and:
A) find a way to backdate the WordPress installation or
B) look for a freelancer to update/extend the theme, or
C) consider a different theme which is more up to date

If your purchase as recent and in the last 6 months then envato may consider refunding it.


Is it possibly to tell which version of WP this theme was last built for? Compartible with?

Any ideas on the last compatible version of WP on this theme?

According to the item page WP5.2