Help start correctly

I make business cards. They have not yet accepted anything and always say that it was not done according to the standard. I read the standards, redid several times and still do not accept. What to do?
Here is my latest business card. Can you look and say what’s wrong in the files?
And another question: can I use effects, for example a shadow, or not? (since it is for printing).
Here are screenshots of the files.

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Just have to design something that’s not basic and similar to the items in that category and meet certain criteria ie. typography, avoid gradient and shadows…maybe it’s the best thing focus energy to something else, Business cards and Logo category are saturated and very hard to approve the design and even when you see what sales are weak you will only lose time and motivation…Even if you have a 100% perfect design you do not know if it will be approved…this is a friendly tip

dgas99, Do you mean that it was not accepted because of the design? We need to do something in a different design category.

From my point of view probably not accepted because of the design, look at some free templates on net so ask yourself why someone pay for something what’s already there for free…but again say I would not waste time and motivation in this category especially now when sales on the market are extremely low, rather focus on something else, but again it’s just my opinion…