help sort out the photo category

Hello, I’m uploading a photo made of hundreds of photos while shooting a sunset. Thanks to this, in one photo you can see the transition from day to night. These photos enjoy the best conversion on social networks. It also takes a lot of time to create such a photo.
Please tell me why such photos are rejected on photodune, but the original photos are accepted. As I understand it, there are no claims in the quality of the photograph, but the claim is in its altered state. And at the same time, in the search on the site you can find many photos completely made in 2D or 3D programs. Perhaps I need to indicate some special category or indicate a certain word in the title to the photo, for example, an abstract panorama?
I can give a link to the original file if this helps with the answer.

I think the main reason for rejection is the lack of commercial potential. I mean that this product will not be bought. I can’t imagine a client who might need this. The photo is wonderful and of high quality, no doubt. But buyers need ordinary photos (for brochures, booklets, intros, etc.) and not collages.

Thank you for your interesting opinion. However, in this case, on what grounds is the commercial potential determined?
If we think logically, then this should be determined on the basis of purchases, however, such works are not presented on the site to verify this. I will notice that very few such works are presented on the Internet, due to their complexity in production.

Why did you decide that? Sellers buy photos to increase the conversion of their final product, whatever it is. Photography is needed to attract maximum attention. It seems to me that such a photo has great entertainment due to its novelty and my experience on social networks shows that such photos attract more attention. Of course, this is not an indicator to say that it will work on photo stocks. However, I see even fewer arguments to reject such photos, depriving the choice of potential buyers.

Envato specifically says that they’re looking for authentic, generally unedited photos that capture reality. Sure, maybe someone may want to buy your image, but it’s not what Envato is looking to accept.

If this is true, then why on the site are many photos made using special programs which obviously are not real photos? And why then this page?

Maybe I need to put a photo as a collage?

I don’t think there’s enough of a difference between the segments, and maybe too many different segments, which doesn’t help. This could be made with three different photos… night on the left, dawn with the lights on in the middle and dawn with the lights off to the right… minor exposure/level alterations to each segment, and then play around with clouds. I’m not seeing 40 segments worth of content. Apart from that, it’s very nice!