HELP Somebody registered my royalty free audio with ascap!

Hi everyone!

I recently discovered someone who I don’t know has registered one of my royalty free tracks with ascap under a different song name. This person has bought my track ‘gangsta trippin’ from audio jungle and renamed it to ‘dramatic hip hop’ and has been selling licenses from his own ‘licensing company’ no doubt he’s probably done it to other audiojungler’s I’ve only recently found out from using adrev.

I’ve already informed prs in the UK but is there anything I can do?

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and your track is registered in ascap ?

Hi WildLion

I uploaded my track in 2011 into envato, this person then purchased my music from me, re named it and has registered it with ascap under the new name and has been licensing it. Obviously with envato’s rules about not registering stock music with a pro i’ve been oblivious to this and presumed that when I heard my song anywhere it was from an audiojungle sale.

I presume i’m not the only one on audiojungle he’s done this to as he’s got a lot of music registered to himself on ascap.

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Yes , I agree with you , many probably suffered from this ((( well that I began my work in Envato only this year )))

I cannot tell about your location, but in Germany/Europe this case would be worth to contact an advocate to claim compensation or to make a complaint at the police due to illegal copyright violations.

If the person is registered with name and address to the ascap, chances are realistic to succeed with legal investigation, depending on the location of the registrant who registered your song.